25th May, 2018 - 26th May, 2018


Robert Swift, of Bread2Bake, is the fifth generation craft baker in his family, who has been baking since the mid 1800’s, with a sixth generation baker, Rob’s eldest child, following in his footsteps. Rob has been involved in the bakery since the day he was born, and was taken on delivery rounds before he could even crawl, so baking is well and truly in the Swift blood!

Over the years, Rob has had great opportunities to work with some talented French, Italian, Austrian and Swiss bakers, where he has also been able to share his own skills all whilst learning new ones.

Rob has had great exposure over the years, by having his own book, Born and Bread, published with a new run of this being printed later this year. He has also been featured on Britain’s Best Bakery, The Hairy Bikers, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and most recently Victorian Bakers on BBC2.

Rob Swift and Bread2Bake have run courses for the last nine years, and he frequently demos around the country at various food shows and festivals. He has also had the very privileged honour of holding a demo/workshop that included the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, who also has a copy of his book!

AT No11:
Bread2Bake’s aim At Nº11 is to help people understand bread and to show them just what a unique and wonderful product it truly is, and that it’s not just for making sandwiches!

Rob believes that Shrewsbury has the basis for embracing that, as it has a thriving food community in regard to restaurants, cafes and bistro style venues. But from a high street point of view, it still has massive potential to educate and help people to appreciate things done properly.

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25th May: 9.30am – 4pm
26th May: 8.30am – 4pm