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At Nº11 is a fantastic space ready for you to pop up and make your dream a reality. We’re based in a superbly restored Grade ll listed medieval building finished with a modern touch. You can rent our space, with as much commitment as you’d like to trial and push your ideas for your business to the next level, from a day to a week to a month, you too can become part of Shrewsbury’s bustling community.


At Nº11 is on the junction of three iconic streets in Shrewsbury, it’s where Fish Street meets Grope Lane, and is opposite Bear Steps. Fish Street got its name because it was full of fishmongers’ shops, and the odour of fish, but don’t worry it doesn’t smell any more! The street is full of cobbles with two rows of flat stones running through the middle, allowing horse-drawn carriages to run smoothly down the road. It remains mostly unchanged to the point that when standing on the road, if you forget about modern day life, you would be transported back centuries ago.

Just off Fish street, is the fascinating Grope Lane. It’s one of 21 ‘shuts’ or passages of medieval origin that still exist in Shrewsbury, there is rumour that it used to be closed off at night, and the remains of gate hinges and bolt holes can be found at the opposite end of Grope Lane. Some people think that it’s name originated because people had to ‘grope’ their way along it, however, others say that it’s from the goings-on after dark!

At Nº11 was once a pub called The Bear Inn. Outside the door there is still the hook in the ground that the bears were tethered to and made to dance in the street for public entertainment. Opposite is Bear Steps, another one of Shrewsbury’s well known ‘shuts’ and passages.

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Shrewsbury brings the very old to the very new. There’s a perfect mix of medieval streets and independent shops, with 921 years of wine knowledge and hosts the world’s oldest Flower Show every year. Great people have come out of Shrewsbury, did you know the father of evolution, Charles Darwin was born here? Ebenezer Scrooge is also buried in graveyard at St Chad’s Church, well his film prop headstone is!

There is iconic history at the town’s two oldest landmarks, Shrewsbury Abbey and Shrewsbury Castle. Along with the quirky and independent shops, a trendy nightlife, original entertainment, and the beautiful River Severn that loops in and around the town centre.

Shrewsbury is renowned for its festivals, flower shows and firework displays. All year round the town is packed with Art Shows, concerts, the Dragon Boat Festival, a Folk Festival, Stream Rally, a food festival, and not to mention the Flower show with it’s spectacular fireworks that are the talk of the town all year round! Shrewsbury has also just won Britain’s Favourite Market, which opened in 1965, and has almost 70 pitches; it’s got everything from amazing brunches at The Birds nest Café, to the Corbett’s butchers, and the Gindifferent bar.

Shrewsbury is an incredible space to open and create your dream, now’s the time to go for it and come on board. You in?

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