Step One
What is your great idea?

  • Have you got a dream or business idea?
  • Would you like to see if your idea can work and come to life
  • Do you want to showcase a new product?
  • We have the platform to help you achieve all of this and more
  • We have the space to pop up in and grow
  • We will showcase your event across social media platforms
Step Two

  • Fill out the booking form
  • Tell us about your business
  • Let’s set a date to meet and show you around the space.
Step Three
Meet and Greet

  • Our chance to show you our amazing space
  • Tell you more about the rates and us
  • You book your date!
Step Four
What we do for you

  • On booking we need 25% deposit to secure your dates
  • Our USP is to showcase our brands
  • We’ll work with you to showcase your brand across our social media and website
Step Five
Six Weeks before

  • Full payment and security deposit is due
  • We start to showcase across all platforms
Step Six
Pop Up!

  • Bring your dream/idea/business to life
book the space